Friday, 20 August 2010


On a recent visit to Malta a few of us paid homage to the late great Oliver Reed by paying a visit to "The Pub" where he had his last drinks (I believe they were many), had a little snooze in the corner, which was a fairly regular occurrence and never woke up. As a tribute we had several pints in his honor. He died during the filming of the movie Gladiator which had to be completed by a double and his head was added to the figure by CGI.
The old town of Malta has some fantastic architecture. I'd love to be able to tell you more about this building but being a Sunday everything was closed.
This is one of the many old buses that run around the island. I didn't get a chance to photograph any more unfortunately but hopefully will be there again soon to record these fantastic machines before they disappear. Malta's entry to the EU will unfortunately be the demise of beautiful old vehicles such as these but to be fair when you stand beside one and it belches black smoke at you you can understand the legislation.
The attention to detail on these buses is exquisite. Union Jack a funny touch considering this is one of the very few buses that's not actually British on the island. Most are old Bedfords and Leylands.


  1. That bus is a beauty. I'm not sure that your father has ever mentioned to you, but I drive a school bus every day during the school year, here in Vermont....I love driving.

  2. In fact the bus does look rather like the American school busses.

    For some strange reason I never expected Malta to have buildings like that. I'm not sure what I did expect. I'll have to see more of your pictures.

    The wv = abitter Yes. Really!

  3. Heather, As GB says, that bus does have an old world American school bus feel to it. I hope your kids are better behaved than I remember us being on the school bus. Mind you one of the drivers was called Alasdair Grumpy. A name he more than lived up to.

  4. Oliver got an Academy Award for Gladiator - presumably as Best Supporting Dummy with Digital Head.

  5. Photos are amazing. Malta's a great source of striking images though (but only someone with a good eye and skill with the camera could do them as much justice as you do).
    The buses are a teeth-rattling experience - hardest suspension system I've ever encountered...They mostly also come equipped with their own little mini altars...bedecked with medallions; Virgin Marys; crucifixes; prayer cards; rosary beads - colourful if a bit wierd.
    The top pictures are from Valletta? Night life there was good.
    I also remember a huge natural harbour...
    Look forward to more photos...thanks.