Friday, 18 February 2011

Callanish round 2

Here's the best of the rest of my shots from last night
The sun going down on a beautiful evening.
The almost full (it was full moon's eve) rising.

Thursday, 17 February 2011

A different view of the Callanish Stones.

It's pretty cool what you can do with a couple of torches. I took a load of shots at the Callanish stones tonight. None are edited, just as shot with long exposures, a mini Maglight and a 1,000,000 candle power torch. It's my first real go at painting with light and I'm pretty pleased with the results.
This is probably one of my favourites. Taken just before I packed up.
f5.5/Exp 120sec 10-22mm@17mm ISO100
My first attempt with the Maglite and floodlight. The moon was so bright you can see the shadows it casts in all the pictures.
f4.5/Exp 201sec 10-22@21mm ISO100
f5/Exp 157sec 10-22@19mm ISO100
f4.5/Exp 198sec 10-22@18mm Special prize for naming the constellation in the top left.
f5.3/Exp 53sec 10-22mm@18mm ISO100
An old cottage beside the 2nd circle at Callanish.
f4.5/Exp 174sec 10-22mm@13mm ISO100

I've taken plenty more which I'll probably load up soon.