Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Lady Birds

 Canon 7D, 100mm macro lens, f9.0, 1/125, ISO200

Canon 7D, 100mm macro lens, f13, 1/320, ISO640

 Canon 7D, 100mm macro lens, f13, 1/250, ISO640

Canon 7D, 100mm macro lens, f5.6, 1/250, ISO640

After another hiatus in posting, and photography really to be honest, it's about time I got something on the blog. This week we were inundated with lady birds on board the boat. We had literally hundreds of them all over the deck. I think it must be breeding time as that appeared to be one of the main pass times while they were here. That and getting squished by unsuspecting shoes. They really are tricky little things to get a decent shot of. Took hundreds of shots and only kept a few, but at about 8mm long and quite evasive when you get close, it's not surprising not too many came out well. They all seem to be well dusted with pollen too. They could have made a bit more effort for the camera. For those who are interested I believe these are seven spotted lady bird or Coccinella Septempunctata to give it it's full title. The most common lady bird in Europe