Saturday, 28 August 2010

Jaume Plensa round 2

I forgot to add these ones to my last post but here are another couple of this fantastic sculpture.


  1. I keep peeking in to see these, again and again. I really like them in the dark :)

  2. That is an increadible piece! Do the letters actually spell something out, or are they random? Very cool!

  3. Looks stunning. Fantastic images.

    Reminds a bit of the new Antony Gormley in Holland (Lleystad) called 'Exposure' - though I think the Gormley one is bigger at 26 metres...

  4. It's even more fascinating all lit up. I'd love to see this for real.
    Thanks for your lovely comments on my blog too. Much appreciated.

  5. Thanks for the comments everyone.

    Heather, I've been living next door to this for a couple of weeks and stare at it every time I go past. It's just amazing at night.

    Tiffany, it is amazing isn't it. I think the lettering is random. I have tried to make some words out of the letters but haven't managed.

    La majer libre, it's funny you mention Gormley. A couple of people have made the comparison. Apparently there are some Gormley sculptures in Guernsey that look out to sea in a similar manner.

  6. If I had the car over here I'd be very tempted to pop down to see them (might even have cracked open a bottle of wine with you as well!). They really are awesome. My love of sculptures seems to grow with every blog I read.