Monday, 7 June 2010

Coming home

Looking from Stornoway towards Tolsta with Tong, Coll, Back and Gress in between.
Looking east over Broad Bay with Point in the distance and the mountains of the mainland on the horizon.
Another view towards Tolsta with Tong sands in the foreground.
The village of Coll where I grew up. Tiumpan Head light house can just be seen in the top right.
Another shot towards Tong over the sands, Sandwick in the foreground.
Coll beach in the center of the shot. My local beach as a kid.
Stornoway looking south west.
A closer shot of the town. Goat island on the left and the castle grounds on the opposite side of the bay.
The offending plane. Not exactly a jumbo but pretty expensive for the owner I'd imagine.

It's not very often you get put into a holding pattern when you're flying into Stornoway. I wasn't even aware of a holding pattern on the island. I thought you could just cruise around at your leisure. The co-pilot came across the tannoy to announce that an aircraft had crashed on the 2nd runway and they were awaiting assistance from the fire service. This half an hour sojourn above Stornoway and the surrounding area gave some fantastic opportunities to take a few snaps. They came out surprisingly well considering the scratched state of aircraft windows. Quite a few did have to be discarded due to the engine exhaust getting in the shot.


  1. I must say, wow. I have never been in an airplane or anything high enough to view the world at such an angle. These shots are impressive to me. I really like the swirling effect of the land and water.

  2. I think the only time I've ever been in a plane on a holding pattern was over LA. And the steward who'd plopped himself down beside me was having such fun pointing out all the landmarks to me I didn't get out my camera! He thought this circling was such a treat for someone like me from the sticks in NZ. I didn't share his enthusiasm. I just wanted to get in and out of there and on my way to Canada.

    Love your photos, what a glorious day it was!

    By the way, it could be just me but I found it extremely difficult to read your text. And Heather's too, in the comments.

    Hope your ankle is healing!

  3. These areal shots are amazing. There is no better feeling in the world then returning home, to a familiar spot and warm place.

  4. These are beautful views that you caught from the plane. Really gives an idea of the landscape to us who haven't been there.

    Have to agree with Pauline, I can hardly see the text at all, had to highlight it as if to copy to be able to read. It would be great if you could change the text colour to a bit brighter for better contrast.

  5. Thanks for the comments. Text colour change on the way. Didn't have time to change it when I changed the background colour. Lacking a permanent connection here in SY so having to hunt out hot spots.

  6. Fantastic Gaz. I've taken hundreds of pics when landing over the years but never managed to get such fantastic ones as those. Now I can point people in the direction of this blog to see where I live.

    Liked that you titled it 'Coming Home'!

  7. Wow - what brilliant pictures. I wondered - before reading your posting - whether you had climbed out and cleaned the window!