Tuesday, 29 June 2010

It's work Jim, but not as we know it!

Antibes is one of the main hubs for superyachts on the French Riviera. This year more than any other there are a lot of pretty big boats around. The following is a view of the international quay or IYCA (International Yacht Club d'Antibes) from the opposite side of the marina.

As some of you probably know I'm an engineer on board one of these nice vessels. It's a pretty good way of getting some year round sunshine. On the other hand there are some interesting live aboards in the marina. The following boat is permanently occupied and named ça suffit, or "good enough" in English. Quite amusing considering the overwhelming wealth surrounding it.

Antibes itself is has a lovely old town with some extremely expensive bars. There's also an old fort on the opposite side of the marina from the IYCA. Here's a snap with some dramatic weather coming our way.

And finally a picture of my boat (well, not mine, but maybe one day!!)


  1. Wow. That cloud looks pretty dramatic to me.

    As for ça suffit one wonders how she manages to retain her berth. A very tolerant Harbourmaster perhaps.

    Love 'your' chopper. I could live without the boat but I could be persuaded to accept the chopper if it were on offer.

    WV = excessic. Hmm.

  2. Your father can keep the chopper, I'd take the boat.

    That is one impressive cloud formation!

    Great photos.

  3. Love the humour of 'Ca Suffit!" I think the cloud is a cumulonimbus - spectacular whatever it is.