Thursday, 8 September 2011

Kotor, Montenegro

Well I've finally managed to get my camera out again after many months of studying followed by a period of life's bane, work. It has however, taken me to Montenegro for the first time and it turns out it's quite beautiful. The town of Kotor (a UNESCO world heritage site) lies in a bay surrounded on all sides by mountains. The picture above was taken from a fort on the hill above the town. The old city walls run from sea level all the way up to this point.
A view of the old town with the ubiquitous cruise ship in the bay.

Sun setting as we started up the walls.
The old city walls running up into the mountain.


  1. I can't imagine traveling as you do...what a blessing of life, to be able to see the world; and glad that you do, because you share it with us.

    I often wonder if I'll remember how to use my camera when it's been so long from taking any photographs....but, then, it's like riding a bicycle - not forgotten, almost a part of you :)

  2. Good to see you back........a stunning opening image.

  3. Great set in challenging lighting conditions ... You pushed yourself here & it paid off.

  4. Beautiful pictures Gaz. Good to see a part of the world that Kate was in a few short days ago.
    Congratulations on your exams by the way - well done. Love x

  5. I think I was there in this cruise ship because I travel to kotor on 17 of August 2011 :D