Wednesday, 20 October 2010

London village

 An HDR of Tower Bridge. 3 wxposures blended with photomatix
 The forward guns on board HMS Belfast, B&W conversion, clouds bodged to add a bit of atmosphere.
 Side guns with the main mast above.
 Another HDR taken of HMS Belfast taken from the south bank.
This sculpture resides in a small shopping arcade on the south bank. I love its quirkiness.

All shots taken with my wee Canon S90. HDR exposures done using a gorillapod.


  1. Images three and four are brilliant. Nice to see they have smartened HMS Belfast up.

  2. Number 4four blew me away - I've looked at it for ages. Five is fascinating as a sculpture. I think I actually like it. I must be mellowing in my old age.

  3. I love the first shot! Beautiful! The sky is mesmerizing!! I haven't tried any HDRs yet. It's something I want to experiment with when I get some time. I've bracketed exposures, but I don't know how to combine them yet....

    Great post! :)

  4. Fascinating juxtaposition of that sculpture and the ship. It begs the question what constitutes art.

  5. Interesting set of photos, Gareth. The sculpture really looks weird and it is undoubtedly what makes the atmosphere of the place. I like it. :-)

  6. Your shots are breathtaking....Number 1 is my favorite....I stayed in the hotel in the background once. Walked across the bridge alone at sunset...It is one of my favorite memories of alltime!

  7. Hi everyone. Thanks for the comments and sorry for the slow reply but been on holiday for the past couple of weeks without my laptop (yes I did have withdrawal symptoms). So I'm back online again but in the slow Outer Hebridean online kind of way.

    Tiffany, you'll need specific software for HDR. I use Photomatix which seems to be the most popular. You can download it for free and trial it but it will watermark the end results. It's great to see if you like it or not though.

    Nanny, I'm really glad the image brought back some happy memories.