Thursday, 22 July 2010

A beautiful morning

The lovely old town of Rovinj in Croatia. Can't decide if I prefer portrait (all of the reflection) or the landscape (more of the town itself). Like the fact that the moon is still in the shot though. Was taken a couple of summers ago in the early morning before the regular daytime winds.

Both shots
Camera: Canon 20D
Lens: Canon 10-22mm @ 22mm
ISO 100, f4.5, 1/400
Adjustments to levels and contrast made in photoshop


  1. Purely as a photo I prefer the first one but if I had been there I'd probably prefer the second as reminding of the wider scene.

  2. I think I prefer the landscape. The white boat to the left and the reflection of the mast in the water adds something. There is a balance in the reflections in that pictures and also somehow between the mast and the moon.

  3. Can't decide - it looks a beautiful place though. Hope you had time to look around those old streets.

  4. I like both of these shots, but I think I prefer the portrait also. The darkness at the bottom of the photo and the deep blue call to me.

    I found your blog today following a link on Soaring Through the World in Pictures. I will be checking back often. Your photography is gorgeous!

  5. Fortunately we don't have to take a decision because you've shown us them both. However if I did have to choose it'd be the landscape one because it gives just that little bit more local information.

  6. the composition in the first is far more satisfying to me a grand shot.

  7. Thanks for the input and nice comments every one. Think for me I agree with Scriptor and Adrian. As an image the portrait works better.

    Tiffany, thanks for your lovely comments and Jenny, yes I did manage to get round the old streets. Spent quite a lot of time there in the last few years. Lovely little bar just under the church where you can watch the sunset from. Bliss.

  8. I was in Croatia too. Korcula to be exact, and the old towns do look alike.